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Krons Stone is a liberating adventure.

Perseverance in pursuit of the new and fun

not defined by others.

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For the young professionals,

Living in a big city with love,

enjoying life while not pursuing extravagance,

Being unique and original, and without any tags on you.

Self-regulating and socially responsible.

Looking to break boundaries and try new things

Choose your style regardless of trends outside.

So come, we might be on the same journey

We're young, we're elegant.

With your style, let's get curious together.

Confidence comes from a powerful mind,

which seeks individuality

Inquisitive about the world,

always exploring and willing to try.


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How can I maintain the strap?

Krons Stone watch straps are comfortable, lightweight and 'breathable'. But the leather strap is a consumable item, which wears out in time with use. It requires regular care to help protect it.

Please note: Leather will absorb moisture, sweat and dirty stains. Over time, it may change colour and even harden. If exposed to sunlight or low temperatures, the leather may also develop cracks. Leather damages quickly when it comes in direct contact with water. If you wear your watch everyday, it's recommended to change the strap regularly according to the wear and tear of the strap. The usual life-span of a strap is between 18 months up to 2 years. It's recommended to change straps regularly not just due to the strap but also to practice self-hygiene and avoid any negative reactions on your skin.

How can I ensure that my watch maintains its quality over many years?

1. Avoid wearing the watch (including waterproof watches) in hot baths, saunas or other environments which have a large temperate difference.
2. Avoid pressing any buttons or adjusting the crown when in or near water.
3. Regularly clean the strap, buckle and dial of your watch. If you have a leather strap, avoid direct contact with water, moisture, cosmetics and direct sunlight.
4. Avoid your watch coming into contact with devices that have magnetic fields, such as electronic devices, your mobile phones and magnets.
5. Only allow qualified personnel to disassemble the watch.
6. Protect your watch from all impacts, collisions or from falling.
7. Do not adjust the date between 20:00 - 04:00 (except for certain watches). Doing so may damage the movement and result in incorrect dates/times.
8. Turn the crown clockwise to adjust the time, please avoid turning the crown counter clockwise.

What should I be aware of when adjusting the date?

The time restrictions for adjusting the calendar change depending on the model of the watch. Please ensure that you do not adjust the date between 20:00 - 04:00 as this will damage the watch and cause inaccuracy in dates.

Is it easy to re-magnetize a watch that has been magnetized?
Watches that have previously been magnetized can be used after they have been demagnetized. Some customers might have to magnetize repeatedly due to often being in an environment with a magnetic field.

Can I wear my watch while swimming?

Different watches have different water resistance levels, and so the relevant features are different. Our watches usually have 4 levels of water resistance.

Please note: The above instructions are only applicable when the appearance of the watch is not damaged. Any watch with water resistant must not be exposed to hot water, steam, shampoo, soap, etc. If the watch is exposed to water, please dry it in time, please do not perform operations in the water.

How can I clean the exterior of the watch?

Usual dirt and grime can be cleaned every few months with an old soft toothbrush. While you are unsure of the water resistance levels, you should use a dry toothbrush to clean. For watches that clearly list the water resistance and its details (if you're unsure, you can take your watch to a repair centre to test out its water resistance), you can use a small amount of soap with water slightly wet the toothbrush and then gently scrub. Plastic straps can also be cleaned using the above mentioned method, but you need to be extra careful when cleaning leather straps.

How can I tell if my watch has a magnetic field?

Easy method to test magnetism: Use a simple compass by placing it flat on a table. Wait until the pointer is stable before moving your watch slowly towards the compass. If the pointer shakes, it means the watch is demagnetized. The most accurate way to check however, would be to take it to a Watch Maintenance Center where specialized instruments can be used to check.

Is it possible to adjust the watch to the precise time?

Mechanical watches usually calibrate time depending on the stability of the balance spring's frequency. As the watch is subject to various internal and external factors, such as the environment, temperature, usage habits, position, etc., the watchmaker can try to narrow the range of inaccuracy based you these conditions. But please note that the watch cannot display the exact time without a minimal chance of inaccuracy.

What is magnetism doing on my watch, and what should I be careful of while wearing?

The main reason magnetism is involved in watches is that the important part in mechanical watches are their balance spring, which affects how it keeps time. This spring is very small and if magnetized, inaccuracies may occur in keeping time.

You should avoid keeping the watch near magnetic fields, such as those near electronic appliances which generate magnetic fields like speakers, refrigerators, computers, etc; magnetic devices such as a compass, magnets, mobile phones, etc. People should be aware of bags which have magnetic buckles, mobile phone cases which have magnetic clasps which can magnetize the watch, causing it to stop or be inaccurate.

How often do I need to maintain my watch?

Like other devices which require precision, watches need regular maintenance to ensure it runs perfectly. The maintenance cycle of a watch depends on its usage and natural wear and tear. Another important factor to consider is the daily usage and environment where it is worn. A visit to the service centre is recommend every year to test for its water resistance and another general routine maintenance every 4-5 years.

What could be the reason for my watch suddenly displaying an inaccurate time?

1. Insufficient Power: You'll need to check whether there's sufficient power. In automatic watches, if there isn't much usage, then energy isn't created power will reduce. You can increase the power by wearing it, causing kinetic energy to refill the power source.
2. Battery has worn out: If you have a quartz watch, you can consider replacing the battery with a new one to fix this.
3. The watch has been magnetized: If the balance spring of mechanical watches has been magnetized, the watch will not display an accurate time.
4. Maintenance: The lack of oil in the movement or the aging wear and tear of internal parts may cause inaccuracies in keeping time. You'll need to have it regularly maintained by heading over to a designated repair centre.
5. Impact or collision: Watches are very delicate. If impact is made, internal parts may loosen or be damaged causing inaccuracies in keeping time.
6. In addition to the above reasons, the environment, surrounding temperatures and the wearer's usage may also cause an inaccuracy in keeping time. In such cases, please contact the designated repair centre where an expert will examine and ensure your watch runs normally.

Why would my watch amplitude decrease?

The two main reasons for low amplitude is: 1. If a watch isn't worn for a long time or left aside for too long, internal oil could dry up; 2. If a watch is overused. In these situations, normal cleaning and a re-oiling service will help to adjust the amplitude back to normal.

Why do automatic watches always have insufficient power?

Automatic watches rely on the swing of the wearer's arm to generate kinetic energy. Even though it's automatic, it still requires an initial burst of energy to start the movement. Generally, customers are advised to hand-wind their watches at the beginning; winding clockwise 30 times to give it an initial charge, after which the regular swinging of the arm continues to generate sufficient energy.

If the above failed to answer your question, please give us a call on our official hotline or contact us through the WeChat customer service. We look forward to helping you solve your problems and concerns.

Warranty Policy

*We provide a free 2 year warranty policy, which begins from the time of the purchase.
*Intentional artificial damage and abnormal external damage aren't covered by this warranty.
*If you encounter any issues regarding the quality of the product, please contact the Krons Stone customer service. Please do not dismantle the watch yourself as this will void the warranty.

The following situations are not covered by the warranty service:

*Watches that are not authorized by the Krons Stone brand's official channels (watches sold in this shop have special codes; if the codes do not match, they will be rejected).
*Misplacement of the Warranty Card.
*Set of external parts of a watch: case, dial, hands, glass, crown, strap/bracelet, etc. (excluding movement parts)
*Damage caused by personal reasons.
*Watches that have been dismantled by an unauthorized person (e.g. battery replacement, maintenance and repair, etc.).
*Normal wear and tear (e.g. scratches on the surface, changes in colour, or changes in non-metal materials such as leather, fibre, rubber straps, etc.).
*Watches that have been too close to other electrical appliances which generate magnetic fields causing inaccuracies to the time.
*Damage caused by calamities, such as fire, and other natural calamities.
*Illegible or altered product labels, product codes or serial numbers without authorization.

The Company

Krons Stone was founded in May 2019 with its headquarters located in China's Special Economic Zone - Shenzhen. The company is an innovative tech enterprise focusing on the business and social audience for products and entrepreneurial ecommerce chains. We belong to the internet and retail industries with our scope including manufacturing of shoes, hats, bags, leather products, jewellery, watches, glasses, etc.

To combine all of the world's best providers, to create a semi-luxurious product that suits the business and social classes; for consumers who love to explore, consumers who have ambitions for life and seek entertainment. KRONS STONE's core vision is to be consumers' sought out brand for business and social needs.

We use the Internet to project a sustainable business model; by intergrating data from the internet, we can create a suitable brand for business and social classes. We are committed to providing everyone with high-quality luxury products from world famous crafters.

The Culture

Work hard, play hard!

We don't believe in anything that's rapid, instinctive and vague. Instead we believe in the power of stability and calm, just like flowing water. We don't believe in the idea that the lack of self-discipline, self development and hard work can contribute to creating a society that's free. Instead we believe the power of effort and commitment, hence work hard play hard!